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On any university walking or sightseeing tour, you can hear about the history of the colleges and the famous alumni – Oscar Wilde, Percy Shelley,  Bill Clinton, C.S.Lewis, and Margaret Thatcher – to name a few, but what about its black scholars? 

The University of Oxford has had many black students from America and the Commonwealth pass through its esteemed colleges throughout history.

This personalised, curated 90-minute visual and immersive journey takes you through the cobbled streets of the city to hear about the university's black scholars, from the first pioneer, Christian Frederick Cole, the first black scholar. Kofoworola Moore, the first woman to achieve a degree, Alain LeRoy Locke, the first Rhodes scholar, with many more scholars featured, all from the comfort of your home.

All tours are 90 minutes in duration. Costs: £10.00 

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Experience a new perspective on the traditional image and narrative about         Oxford University


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30th January 2022

27th February 2022

4.00pm - 5.30pm



6th March 20221

4.00pm - 5.30pm

'On the Black Oxford Tour, you get to see a side of Oxford that’s not heralded in all the films, books, and television programmes about the University. We move from college to college across the internet as Pamela Roberts leads us into the grand dining halls and chapels to situate the Black scholars she has researched. In telling their stories, you feel that these places can be claimed for our Black community as well. The stories of these scholars are the story of how the University of Oxford became an internationally known University claiming world-class status'


Ms Daphne L. Cunningham

Experimental Research Group Administrator

Department of Engineering Science

University of Oxford

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